Adilah Anuar

Web Designer and Front-End Developer

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Luxury Insider

Role: Design, Development is an online magazine that covers the luxury market.

Recently it was given an organised and neater look for users to have a better reading experience.

I played a role in the design and development of the website. I was mostly responsible for the front-end work.

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L'Officiel Singapore

Role: Design, Development

L'Officiel Singapore is the Singapore version of the international French fashion magazine - L'Officiel.

They needed a website to complement their print magazine. I was tasked with the design and front-end work of the website.

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Role: Design, Development

ArtRepublik is a quarterly art magazine that covers the art scene in Asia and around the world.

They needed a website to launch together with the print magazine. I was responsible for the design of the site and for most of the front-end work.

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Asia-Pacific Boating

Role: Development

Asia-Pacific Boating is an established boating magazine in the region. I was given the responsibility to handle most of the front-end work based on the design provided.

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My name is Adilah Anuar, a designer and front-end developer currently residing in Singapore.


I enjoy designing and making meaningful work using HTML5 and CSS3 with a dash of Javascript/jQuery.

Currently I am actively trying to refine my skills in Javascript and Responsive design.


In my spare time I indulge in handmade paper crafts, lettering and calligraphy.

Oh yes, and I love cats. :)


I like meeting new people and making new experiences.

Let's work together. Or you can contact me to say Hi.

Email me at nur.adilah.anuar(a)